Why GMT?

Why are the largest parcel shippers in the world partnering with Green Mountain Technology? We provide vastly different outcomes from other parcel spend management solutions or audit and freight payment providers due to three key things: our technology, our business model and the customers we serve. Our average ROI is 9X our fees, that equates to an average of $7 million annually.

Proprietary Technology

Our proprietary technology allows GMT to model your network to reveal the exact cost and service impact of any potential opportunity under consideration. From optimal inventory placement, to carrier selection, to evaluating the impact of carrier proposals, no other provider or carrier can “do the math” like GMT. This puts your company in the enviable position of having better information than anyone in the industry when making the data-driven, multi-million dollar decisions required in today’s supply chain.

Business Model

Our business model adds the resources and expertise you need to compete at the speed of today’s parcel industry. No other industry provider engages with their customers strategically the way GMT does. We work with your team to develop a strategic roadmap to achieve your goals and put our resources to work for you to expand your capabilities and accomplish more every week. Our ROI is unmatched because we equip your team with the people and technology to do more work at parcel execution, more efficiently than you can accomplish today; a fivefold increase is the norm.

Customer Base

Our customer base is comprised of solely mega-volume parcel shippers. Our solution is designed and geared to their needs and complexities. No other vendor works exclusively with the largest parcel shippers in the world, collectively managing over $4 billion in parcel spend. This unique market view keeps your team on the cutting edge of best-in-class parcel network execution.

The power of our partnership model is proven by numerous customer honors including QVC's Supply Chain Partner of the Year Award and Office Depot and Office Max's Partnership Award.

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