Parcel Spend Management

Today’s parcel shippers are faced with a rapidly evolving industry in which customers’ expectations are changing the game. Fast and free is the way to brand loyalty, but it’s easier said than done. Creating a positive customer experience that is also profitable is critical. It’s also challenging and complex due to the endless variables required to balance the cost and service equation.

Green Mountain Technology (GMT) partners with the world’s largest parcel shippers to plan, execute and monitor high volume parcel networks. Our Parcel Spend Management (PSM) solution simplifies network complexity, drives increased profitability, and enhances the customer experience through a suite of tech-enabled services. It starts with our best in class parcel audit and invoice automation, then leverages that data for advanced analytics, optimization, and ongoing network improvement and contract management projects. GMT’s highly engaged, strategic delivery model, unique network modeling and re-rating technology, and Fortune 500 customer base, uniquely positions GMT to deliver unparalleled value. Our customers represent more than $5 billion in parcel spend and consistently experience a 5-10X return, net of our fees. Our outcomes are proven by numerous awards and customer honors including QVC's Supply Chain Partner of the Year and Office Depot's Partnership Award.

Three things set us apart: our technology, business process, and customer base. Learn more about what makes GMT different and how we leverages these 3 things to provide a vastly different ROI than other vendors in the industry.


GMT’s powerful results come from combining our proprietary technology and business model to support your team so you can accelerate your strategic intiatives. Our unique business process combines the following services into one solution, we call Parcel Spend Management. The process and tools are tailored to your specific goals and strategies to achieve your objectives.