• Enhance the customer experience and drive profitability with GMT

    Green Mountain Technology partners with the largest parcel shippers to plan, execute and monitor high performing parcel networks. We unbundle network complexity so shippers can enhance the customer experience and drive profitability. Discover why the largest shippers in the world are partnering with GMT.

GMT’s powerful results come from combining these services as one, highly customizable, sustainable Parcel Spend Management solution.

Invoice Automation

Streamlining accounts payable and coding processes

Invoice Validation

Ensuring 100% billing accuracy prior to payment

Spend Visibility

Enabling detailed analysis of the service/cost equation

Contract Management

Building best-in-class agreements tailored to your unique parcel strategy

Network Optimization

Identifying cost and service improvement opportunities

Spend Analytics

Modeling improvements and possibilities in the most complex networks



  1. Parcel 101 Video Series

    This video series is an educational collection of 2 minute videos that covers best practices and trends in the parcel marketplace.

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  2. Report: 2019 Benchmark Report

    In March 2019, Green Mountain Technology (GMT), in collaboration with Cleveland Research, completed the fourth Annual Benchmarking Survey focused on emerging trends in retail brand strategy and impacts on order fulfillment and parcel transportation.

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  3. Webinar: Transportation Industry Trends - A Market View of 2019 & Beyond

    Watch the highly rated 2019 Parcel Summit presentation where you will learn the state of the transportation and parcel markets, highlighting results from GMT’s market research on parcel cost inflation trends and brands’ expectations. This presentation is presented by Green Mountain Technology alongside Chris Johnson, Senior Analyst at Cleveland Research.

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  4. Report: 2019 Emerging Parcel Trends Report

    Learn about industry trends being implemented by industry giants like Amazon, Target, and Walmart, from shipping services, free shipping, returns, and mobile retail apps.

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